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“Reading Billy Edd is like sitting down
with an old friend ... warm, humorous and
never a dull moment.” --Janis Ian

Billy Edd's Book Store: Humor, Poetry & Fiction

The Boston Cowgirl

Obnoxious, beautiful, stubborn, spoiled and stuck up. That's Alexandra Benton -- until she's thrust into the rough life of a cattle drive... literally. Inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s novel Captains Courageous, Billy Edd has blended a mix of tragedy and humor, rough-housing and romance. And he's done it with historical authenticity. Thanks to a mishap while on a cross-country train ride, Alexandra -- a spoiled 16-year-old Boston girl -- gets to learn how to ride a horse, avoid getting killed, and that, to have a campfire, you need to collect firewood, and to survive, you might have to eat a critter you love. And "The Boston Cowgirl" also explores her physical and spiritual bond with (some might say “dependence on”) a runaway slave. Click here to order your paperback or Kindle version directly from Amazon.

Hotter Than a Red Hot Pepper Sprout - A Hillbilly Poets journey from Appalachia to Yale to writing hits for Elvis, Johnny Cash & More.

Billy Edd's new memoir is now available at Amazon, for $18.67. It has a 4-star rating. Click here to purchase directly from Amazon.

Laughter in Appalachia--A Festival of Southern Mountain Humor. The publisher says: “This is our all-time bestseller; it has outsold all 599 titles we have published in the past 22 years.” Co-authored with Loyal Jones. Jokes about lawyers, hunting, doctors, alcohol and religion, and a speech about humor by the late Dr. Gordon Ross. Southern Living calls it “a delightful giggle-a-minute collection of yarns told simply and eloquently by mountain folks for whom humor is a way of life.”

From the book: World War II. A group of loafers around an Appalachian country store heard the news of the invasion of Normandy. They sat in silence for a few minutes, and then one looked up at the sky, which was clear and blue, and remarked, “They shore picked a good day for it.”

In its 13th printing. August House. ©1987.


Paperback $9.95

Curing the Cross-Eyed Mule. Co-authored with Loyal Jones. More Appalachian humor. Over 450 jokes included in chapters such as Mountaineers and the Law, Health, Medicine, Religion, Moonshine & Other Spirits; plus humorous essays by Roy Blount, Jr., William Lightfoot, Jones & Wheeler.

From the book: On Tippy-Toes. Chet Atkins told this tale about taking his brother-in-law, Jethro, to a ballet. Jethro had never seen a ballet, but was pretty impressed. “Well, how did you like it?” Chet asked. “Fine,” said Jethro, “I loved the costumes and the dancing, and all, but how come everybody was walking around on tippy-toes? Why don't they just get taller people?”

In its 11th printing. August House. ©1989.


Paperback $11.95

Hometown Humor, USA. Co-authored with Loyal Jones. Over 300 jokes and stories from the porch swings, barber shops, corner cafes, and beauty parlors of North America. Contributors to this comic collection include regular folks as well as celebrities like Tom T. Hall, Chet Atkins, John Ed McConnell, the late Minnie Pearl and Senator Sam J. Ervin. The Library Journal said of this book: “Foolish husbands, numbskull farmers, and tricky politicians are just some of the comical characters readers will enjoy.”

“Loyal Jones and Billy Edd Wheeler know funny. They probably have the best ears for humor in the USA.” --Chet Atkins, CGP

August House. ©1991.


Paperback $11.95

More Laughter In Appalachia. Co-authored with Loyal Jones. “The Deans of Appalachian humor present the sequel to their classic bestseller,” says August House Publishers. “Packed with jokes, poems, riddles and songs, not to mention a comical arrest warrant and a backwoods political speech, this collection is thick with artifacts of Southern wit. More celebrity contributions, too, from: Ralph Emery, Wendell Berry, Randy Travis, Will Campbell, and the late Lewis Grizzard.Whether you are interested in humor as part of our cultural heritage or you just want a good laugh, you will find this mountain of Southern humor heartwarming and sidesplitting.”

August House. ©1995.


Paperback $11.95

Travis and Other Poems of the Swannanoa Valley. With some prayers & poems by Henry W. Jensen. Illustrated by F. Ronald Fowler. About children and kinfolks, Billy Graham and Chet Atkins, hunting and fishing, coming to Swannanoa, Warren Wilson College, golf, Cecil Sharp gathering ballads.

“In the long shadow of Mt. Mitchell, highest point in the East, four crisp seasons keep me awed. The magic of smokey mountains and the miracle of children and their growing in this magnificent valley combine to give me a humility in my smallness and in my lack of answers, a thankfulness for the gift of life and love and an awareness of God. They provide me almost daily with an on-going high, some of which I've tried to capture and put into this book”. --Billy Edd Wheeler.

Wild Goose Inc. ©1977. (Limited supply)


Hardbound $15

Song of a Woods Colt. Poems about Life and Love, West Virginia and Nashville, Music and other Essentials. $10. This book has popping muscles and sweat, sophistication and cosmic humor. It teases the intellect and philosophizes one moment, lies down in front of a strip mining machine the next. It is full of goodwill and outrage, affirmation and protest, hate and love. And music. It laughs and cries and loves. Mostly it loves.

Described by some as West Virginia's answer to New England's Robert Frost, or as a Nashville Rod McKuen, Billy Edd is not a regional writer, any more than Frost or McKuen. He is universal. He loves mountains and mountain people, but they are his angle of attack, the subject through whom he addresses the greater family of man.

Droke House. ©1969.


Hardbound $10

A Song to Kill For (Original title: Star of Appalachia). Gabriel Leatherwood hears his original songs on the radio. Puzzled as to how they got recorded, he sets off from Cold Mountain country and heads for Nashville to solve the mystery. Unable to find a lawyer willing to take on powerful TennExas Music, he infiltrates the company and winds up writing with veteran songwriters whose names are on his stolen songs. He falls in love with lawyer Angelia Belmont, and the discovery they make of murder, copyright theft, and corruption puts their lives in serious jeopardy. Gabriel’s grandmother Verdie, who has been known to say, “I’d druther die at a man’s feet than to be outdone by him,” almost gets her druthers; and so does Gabriel.

Infinity Publishing ©2003


Paperback $15.95

Kudzu Covers Manhattan. Kentucky actor Hulett "Kudzu" Hinkle finds a part-time job with an agency in New York City busting petty criminals selling fake merchandise-names like Rolex, Nike, and Calvin Klein. Pretending to be a shopper in disguises such as a gaudy tourist, wealthy executive, even a hooker and bag lady, he fingers the felons and the cops move in. But the country boy is in over his head when he uncovers a network in Chinatown supplying slave trade to the Far East, an operation also smuggling plutonium to third world countries. When the local Tong sees through his disguises, Kudzu's acting loses its magic. With certain areas of the world in peril and his life in danger, an unlikely figure steps in to save him. Kudzu's girl friend is as gutsy as he!

BookLocker.com ©2005


Paperback $15.95

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