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“Billy Edd's research is impeccable, as is his instinct for conflict and
drama. Add to this his ear for dialogue, his natural musical gifts,
a healthy sense of humor and his background at Yale's School
of Drama, and you have a playwright at the top of his craft.”
--Ewel Cornett

Plays: Drama, Comedy & Musicals

Billy Edd has written over a dozen plays, including four outdoor dramas, some of which are noted here.

Young Abe Lincoln is a robust outdoor musical drama that premiered in 1987 and ran every summer until 2005 in Lincoln City, Indiana. Hatfields & McCoys, a sort of mountain West Side Story, has been running each summer since 1970 at Beckley WV. Barbry & Willie is a folk flavored musical inspired by the ballad of Barbara Allen's rose and briar theme. A Song of the Cumberland Gap was originally written as a folk opera and later produced as an outdoor drama. Bird On The Wing is a country music musical. The Glass Christmas Tree is a musical play all about glass and child labor around the turn of the century. Voices in the Wind is a play with music celebrating the sesquicentennial of McDowell County, NC. Mossie and the Strippers is a non-musical comedy/drama. Wings Over Appalachia is a musical play drawn from the songs, poetry and plays of Billy Edd Wheeler. What A Way To Go is a musical play about five retired men who meet every week to play poker and talk about life ... “a Steel Magnolias for men” says director Bekki Jo Schneider. Billy Edd's newest play, Johnny Appleseed, is an outdoor musical drama that premiered at Mansfield, Ohio in 2004.

Contact: Bookings, Orders, Commissions & Referrals

Dear Producer, Director, or Program Planner:

Once after hearing a song of mine on the radio, the town drunk shook my hand and said sincerely: “Billy Edd, I think you're perfectly capable of doing what you're doing.” At the time I thought it was a stupid, though funny, remark. I still think it was funny, but I'm not sure it was stupid. (I've met a lot of people who are not capable of doing what they're doing.)

At any rate, after you've looked over the material on this website, I hope you think I am capable. I'm available for art exhibits, poetry and fiction readings, or to sing for my supper, alone or with The Elvi.


Music & Book Orders: Teresa Tatham, Phone 828 669-7633, E-mail tktham24@att.net. Place your order by filling out the order form and enclosing a check or money order payable to Billy Edd Wheeler. Mail to 126 Oakland Drive, Black Mountain, NC 28711. You can also order online through PayPal. Just click on the Add To Cart button next to the item you want to order on the CD Music Store and Book Store pages.

Paintings, Commissions, Bookings & Referrals: Billy Edd Wheeler, Phone 828 686-5009, E-mail chinkypen@bellsouth.net. Call or e-mail prior to ordering your painting to confirm availability. Then place your order by filling out the order form and enclosing a check or money order payable to Billy Edd Wheeler. Mail to PO Box 7, Swannanoa, NC, 28778.

New Humor: Billy Edd says “I am always collecting new humor--jokes, anecdotes, tall tales. Please share something with me; and if it's really funny, I'll make sure you get a copy and are credited for it in my next humor book.”

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